Do It Yourself: How To Play Guitar In Easy Steps

Oleh Admin - Music is the media that can entertain people because the composition of music which served. The most interesting music component is the instruments that consist of many kinds like guitar, piano, and drum. Playing the instruments of music need serious learning to gain the skill on each instrument. It is also occurred on playing guitar that become the most popular instrument and most of people are capable to play it through learning by themselves. So, how to play guitar in easy steps by do it yourself without need long term learning system like in the music studios and also the cheapest one.

Learn to play guitar should be patient and fast that only needs five to ten minutes. The description below consists of how to use your five fingers to play the chord shape. Make sure that your guitar is in good quality so the tone that will be resulted is in the right tone.  If playing guitar is your habit, your muscle finger will usual to play the instrument. Fun steps of playing guitar will describe below special for you to show your skill in front of your beloved.

How To Play Guitar for Beginners

The Steps for Easy Playing Guitar
The first to play guitar is placing your fingers in the 5 basic shapes. Here are the shapes that you should remember during your learning process:

There are five guitar keys that your fingers should place in the right position. There is G that place your pointer finger for second fret in the 5th string of guitar. Then, the middle finger for 3rd fret in the 6th string and your ring finger for 3rd fret in the 1st string.

Chord G Guitar

The second is C that place your ring finger for 3rd fret in the 5th string, the middle finger for 2nd fret in the 4th string, and pointer for 1st fret in 2nd string. Then, the D that used ring finger for 3rd fret in the 2nd string, middle finger for 2nd fret in the 1st string. Your pointer finger for 2nd fret in the 3rd string but do not hit the big string of the guitar. The third is E minor that used your ring finger for 2nd fret in the 4th string, and middle finger for 2nd fret in the 5th string. The last is A minor hat used ring finger for 2nd fret in the 3rd string, middle for 2nd fret in 4th string and pointer for 1st fret in 2nd string.

Chord Guitar C

The five shapes above about how to play guitar should you remember and practice it periodically until you got the sound of harmony on your guitar. Furthermore, you need to practice it everyday for about 30 minutes long is better than you watch the TV or doing a chit chat. Get the fingers to move around the fretboard of the guitar. Then, attempt to keep up the change of tempo for some songs through changing the chords and focus in improving the touch with the right hand.

Basic Chord Guitar

Learn to play guitar is about the repetition that you can do as often as you can. Playing guitar which will result the romantic sounds is about how you can play your strumming hand. You can try by yourself which and how your palm muting while hitting the guitar’s string. The technique will sound cool for you to result the best quality of sounds. You need to minimize the buzzing sound, so the chord sings clearly.

Playing guitar will be interesting for you after you have done learn how to play guitar in the right steps. Make sure that you practice to play the guitar everyday at least in two hours and begin with easy song to have an exercise.