How To Avoid Internet Phishing On An Account

Oleh Admin - Phishing is the means of fraud committed by certain parties to obtain confidential information of a customer such as User ID and PIN. There are several ways that usually done by a phishing perpetrators. Please look at some points below:

  • Creating a fake site that has an address and display that are similar to what owned by bank’s official website. Nowadays creating fake site is very easy. A person does not need to have a high knowledge of progamming regarding there are many applications that allow a person to create a site instantaneously.
  • Sending URL link to the site that was made as closely as possible with the bank’s official website.
  • This is old method but still effective deceiving the layman in the Internet world.
  • Sending an email or fuel containing a URL link or a login screen and asking the customer to log in by entering User ID and PIN.
  • Posing as someone from the bank and asking for the customer’s data with specific reasons. This method is usually done by people who do not have specific knowledge or information about the world of banking, however this method is still an effective method.

Phishing Bank

How to secure yourself:

  • Make sure you always access the how to Avoid Internet Phishing on your bank account, Phishing can happen to other accounts like social media, online games, email account, etc.