Two Steps How To Speed Up Your Internet Connection On PC

Oleh Admin
In this article, I will discuss how to speed up internet connection that can be applied on the laptop usage. I think the internet connection speed is something that is very important in this digital era. - If you want to send electronic mail or important files, you can simply send via e-mail facilities. Want to read the eBook or search references of scientific papers? You can simply surf through the internet. Meanwhile, if you want to connect with family and old friends who live in another city, you can simply contact them through various social media available. Slow Internet can trigger an aggravation of every internet user.

Before you feel tired because of slow internet connection, you should try seeing in advance the various tips on how to speed up internet connection as the followings:

Speed Internet

How to Speed up The Internet Connection Easily

1. Change your Bandwidth Settings
Bandwidth is a broad frequency range used by the signal for data transmission purposes. In general, the bandwidth on the computer’s default setting is only 20%. In order to make your <a href="> Alternate DNS:

  • Then click Ok
  • By doing two steps above, you can speed up your Internet connection speed. Good luck!